Playschool Care Fee

The playschool's monthly fee is decided on the basis of the budget presented by the board. The fee for the 2019 season depends on the family situation.

The client fee (parents' contribution) for a Tuusula family from the playschool is up to €140 per month per child, where the family is entitled to KELA's family allowances and daycare hours are less than 25 hours a week.

The earnings-related KELA benefit and the sibling benefit granted by the municipality of Tuusula reduce the amount.

Pikkulukkari has been added to the City of Järvenpää Service Voucher Day Care Centre as of May 1, 2019. This makes it easier for the families of Järvenpää people to come along.

For families from outside Tuusula or Järvenpää, the playschool's client fee is initially limited to a maximum of €140 per month, and we will find out the private care support model used by the family municipality.

Queueing Fee

A queue fee of €20 is charged for a child queuing for care.


Preschool is free regardless of the municipality in which the child lives.