Frequently Asked Questions

My child turns three this year. When can she/he start in Pikkulukkari?

Children can start in Pikkulukkari the autumn or spring before the child's third birthday. The educators assess whether a child under three is ready to start playschool by meeting the child and interviewing the parents.

What if my child needs full-time care?

We have a limited number (five) full-time places where child participates in both morning and afternoon groups. Alternatively, full-time care can be organised by supplementing the daycare with the help of a private family daycare provider or childminder. For example, full-time childcare can be arranged from 7am to 4:30 pm or from 8:30 am to 5pm. Parents have appreciated the fact that this way the child does not have to spend the whole day in a large daycare group, but can spend part or whole day in a small group in a homely environment. Part of the care can be arranged in their own home if the family or private childminder is involved. Contact us and we can tell you more.  We can come up with a suitable solution together!

How do I apply for subsidies?

The chairman of the board of trustees and the educators will assist you with the applications.

Where does the food for the preschoolers come from?

Food for preschoolers is delivered freshly made from neighbouring Keuda catering services. The food is varied and tasty. Special diets can be catered for.