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An exceptional playschool for young children


The Montessori playschool “Pikkulukkari” is a 30+ year-old non profitable private day care situated in the centre of Hyrylä, Tuusula. We offer half-day daycare and preschool for children 3 to 6 years of age, in a peaceful and hospitable environment. Full-day daycare can be organised in collaboration with private childminders who either cares for the child in their own home or in the child’s home.

The playschool lies in a quiet and beautiful area close to the church of Tuusula. It is run by the parents’ association which means the board members consists of the parents whose children are attending the playschool. The school building is a wooden house that is furnished in a harmonious and orderly way according to the children’s needs.

The playschool follows the Montessori pedagogy which encourages the child’s independent initiative and is guided by the respect for oneself, others and the environment. ‘Help me do it myself’ is the motto of all Montessori schools worldwide.

More information about the Montessori pedagogy:

For further information concerning “Pikkulukkari”, please contact us:
+358 (0)449466199 or
You can find us on Facebook: Tuusulan Montessorileikkikoulu Pikkulukkari.