Daily Routine



The morning group starts. When taking off outerwear, the child is encouraged to practice self-care and take care of their own clothes to their locker. After washing hands an educator greets and shakes hands with each child.

A couple of days per week, there is a morning circle that deals with topical issues, singing and playing, celebrating birthdays, etc. After the morning circle, each child chooses what to do.

If there is no morning circle, the children find an activity after greeting their educator. Someone may be painting, another is practicing letters, the third is doing laundry. Everyone chooses their work according to their own interests and skills. At the same time, they practice social skills, respect for others, respect for work peace, and cleaning up after themselves.


An adult helps find meaningful activities and introduces new tasks as the child develops his or her skills. During the morning the non-preschoolers are free to go to the kitchen to eat their snack when they wish.


One of the preschoolers in turn acts as a food arranger. He or she sets the table and then invites the other preschoolers to eat. At the beginning of the meal, the food arranger tells what the food is and then everyone takes a portion. Lunch time offers an opportunity to taste new foods and follow good table manners.


Activities end and the tasks are cleaned up. After that the children gather for the end of day circle time to listen to a book. After the final song, they get dressed to go outside. Dressing also encourages self-reliance and assistance is offered when needed.

12.15pm - 12.45pm

The morning group changes to the afternoon group. Children in the morning group are picked up to go home by 12.45pm. Children from the afternoon group can arrive in the playground to play from 12.15pm and then go indoors at 12.30pm.

Afternoon group's daytime program is the same as the morning group's but the preschoolers have their lunch as soon as they go indoors. After that, there is space in the kitchen for non-preschoolers to eat their snack.

In addition, we do various excursion days such as forest walks, trips to the local park, cultural events, skiing and skating.