Parents' Association

Pikkulukkari is organised by the Tuusula Montessori Playschool Support Association (Tuusulan Montessorikoulun kannatusyhdistys ry), which has been a registered non-profit association since 1984. The association takes care of the playschool's operational and financial obligations and acts as an employer for the playschool's employees.

Most of Pikkulukkari's economy consists of private care subsidies and municipal benefits, as well as fundraising. Fundraising is organised through events, sales campaigns and social activities, for example.

Full membership

At least one of the parents in the family joins the association as a full member when the care contract is drawn up. The full member may use the association's childcare facilities and shall have the right to vote in meetings of the association. Any adult who wishes to further the aims of the association may become a full member.

The annual membership fee is €30.

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is a great way to show support for our activities. A supporting member may be an adult individual or an organization such as a foundation, community, or company. A support member may attend meetings of the Association without the right to vote. Supporting members are also invited to the association's own events.

The affiliate member's annual membership fee is €15 for an individual and €50 for an organization.

Board of the Association

The Association is managed by the Board of Trustees, which consists of a chairman elected at the Annual General Meeting for a year, between three to six members and one deputy member.

The board members of the association are:

Suzan Alakas chairman

Antti Korsumäki vice chairman and treasurer

Juha Koskikuru secretary

Carolina Nyman board member

Marika Pesonen board member

Shayna Juutilainen board member

John Bresnahan board member

Kati Laitinen supplementary member